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Duane's Lawn Care in Beaver Dam, and Milwaukee

                                       Our Services

Winter Services
Snow Plowing - We Can Snow Plow Your Driveway or Parking Lots

Snow Blowing/Shoveling - Removing Snow from your Sidewalks

Salting - We can salt after snow removal or just as needed

                                                                  Duane's Lawn Care in Beaver Dam, and Milwaukee

Maintenance Services
Duane's Lawn Care offers many landscaping maintenance services that are suited for your needs. Whether it be commercial or residential we have you covered. We can set up a lawn mowing program that suits your needs or simply why you are on vacation. We can set up a fertilizing program or get rid of unwanted weeds in your flower beds and lawn.

Lawn Mowing -  Offer Weekly/Bi-Weekly or on a as Needed Basis for Residential or Commercial Customers
Fertilization -  Application of Granular, Liquid, and Perform Spot Treatments
Aeration -   Helps Compaction and is uusually Done in Fall but can be Done in Spring
De-Thatching -  Removes Dead Crusty Buildup to Assist in Maintaining a Healthy Lawn
Rolling -  Usually Done in Spring to Help Even Out the Ground Surface
Flower Bed Maintenance -  Edge Clean-Up and Weed Control
Mulching -  Recommend 2-3 Inches of Mulch to Assist in Weed Control, Moisture Control and for Decoration
Tree Trimming -  Trimming Only
Shrub Trimming -  Trimming of Shrubs, Hedges and Bushes
Gutter Cleaning -  Usually Done in Spring and Fall - Includes Making Sure Downspouts are Clean
Rototilling - Currently Only Available in the Beaver Dam Area
Spring/Fall Clean-Up -  Consists of Removing Leaves and Debris From Lawn and Flower Beds

Clean Gutters - Includes Cleaning of Downspouts 


                                                                         Duane's Lawn Care in Beaver Dam, and Milwaukee